A few petroglyphs from Valcamonica

Photographs taken in October 2002, at

Foppe di Nadro

one of the dozens of sites in the Camonica valley (Province of Brescia), Northern Italy.

These are just a tiny sample, taken at random among the hundreds (or thousands?) of petroglyphs which have been engraved, allegedly throughout the past 10 millenia.

The flat, glacier-polished, stone slabs almost seem as if they were sprinkled amongst the trees of this charming wild chestnut grove.

Click on any one of these thumbnails to see
the full-scale original picture.

Note that we make no pretence
of this being a high–quality or representative work.

ValCamonica01.jpg ValCamonica02.jpg ValCamonica03.jpg ValCamonica04.jpg ValCamonica05.jpg
ValCamonica06.jpg ValCamonica07.jpg ValCamonica08.jpg ValCamonica09.jpg ValCamonica11.jpg
ValCamonica12.jpg ValCamonica13.jpg ValCamonica14.jpg ValCamonica15.jpg ValCamonica16.jpg
ValCamonica17.jpg ValCamonica18.jpg ValCamonica19.jpg ValCamonica21.jpg ValCamonica23.jpg
ValCamonica24.jpg ValCamonica25.jpg ValCamonica26.jpg ValCamonica27.jpg ValCamonica28.jpg
ValCamonica29.jpg ValCamonica30.jpg ValCamonica31.jpg ValCamonica32.jpg ValCamonica33.jpg
ValCamonica34.jpg ValCamonica35.jpg ValCamonica36.jpg ValCamonica37.jpg ValCamonica38.jpg
ValCamonica39.jpg ValCamonica40.jpg ValCamonica41.jpg ValCamonica42.jpg ValCamonica43.jpg
ValCamonica45.jpg ValCamonica49.jpg ValCamonica44.jpg