nce upon a time, there was a house.
That house had a long life, an eventful life.



hether this is your first visit, or you have a desire to recall some fond memories, please join us inside on a visit, by browsing these pictures of the ground floor, the first floor, the living room & kitchen, the bedrooms or our cherished bathroom – not to forget the house's immediate surroundings and a few drawings.

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hen we parted company with the house. And it got sad. Or angry. And it chose to be no more.


The house decided to die, unexplainably. Or maybe, quite understandably, it had found that our well-meaning farewell was one more event than it wished to bear.

(A collection of the sorrowful pictures has been gathered here or here)


et, the gardens and the rest of the property were seemingly left untouched.

Long after the house's demise, our souls will roam on the site, among the creatures whose dwelling we aimed to protect for over a decade.