Gemstones: Tingo Tanca's Collection of Flat Stones

Gemstones: Tingo Tanca's Flat Stones

Tingo Tanca, a wholesale company dealing primarily with gemstones, was founded in 1980. Physically based in Denmark, it was among the very first in the business to have established a full-scale Internet activity. By 1998, the complete range of its products had been made available on the web.

In more than one respect, this undertaking—at the time a definite jump into the unknown—put stronger demands on the company's standards of accuracy. Pictures, sizes, shapes, descriptions, names, to mention only these, had to be as nitpickingly truthful as possible—by no means a frivolous task. In particular the company felt that it had a responsibility to adhere to what the single gemstones actually were, mineralogically speaking, or at least to a consensus agreed upon by professionals, as opposed to what the fancies of self-styled gurus wanted them to be for more or less avowable purposes.

In the course of time,
Flat Stones made of a wide variety of gemstones—which, ironically, had originally made their way into the catalogue for no other reason than a shipping mistake committed by a manufacturer—were to become synonymous with the company's aim for quality. By late 2007, when the company's owners thought of a more pleasurable way of spending their existence, they had become true collector's items, sold worldwide.

The links below are to the original pictures posted on Tingo Tanca's website, rendered with varying degrees of aesthetic success, as both the equipment used and image manipulation techniques were upgraded throughout the years. They are approximately listed in alphabetical order, the mineral's name appearing in bold. It should be kept in mind that trade names are occasionally better known than any kind of mineralogical designation, so the best way to find a specific stone is to use the browser's search function (with the correct spelling, obviously).

All pictures are in jpeg format and may be downloaded and used freely, under the following conditions (specified in the files' IPTC tags and Comments):

  • The gemstone name associated with this file may not be changed or otherwise altered.
  • The IPTC and Comments tag may not be deleted, changed or otherwise altered.
  • These files may not be uploaded to, nor used by, any of the websites connected with the Wikimedia Foundation (broadly speaking known as "Wikipedia")

Blue Lace Agate (Blue Chalcedony) (Namibia)

Crazy Lace Agate (Australia/Mexico)

Dendritic Agate (Mexico)

Grey Banded Agate (Madagascar)

Moss Agate (India)

Red Agate (Brazil)

Red Banded Agate (Brazil)

Silver Leaf Agate (South Africa)

Turritella Agate (USA)

Orange Alabaster (USA)

Albite with Fuchsite (Brazil)

Alunite with Cinnabar (Arizona)

Amazonite (Brazil)

Amazonite (Ural)

Amethyst (Brazil)

Ametrine (Brazil)

Angelite (Peru)

Lavender Anhydrite (Madagascar)

Anthophyllite (China)

Apache Gold (USA)

Blue-Green Apatite (Madagascar)

Aquamarine (Brazil)

Blue Aragonite (China/Mexico)

Orange Aragonite (USA)

Orange Banded Aragonite (Mexico)

Astrophyllite (Russia)

Blue Aventurine (Mexico)

Green Aventurine (India)

Light Green Aventurine (India)

Orange-Red Aventurine (India)

Pink Aventurine (Canada)

Azurite-Malachite (Arizona)

Bornite ("Peacock Ore") (USA)

Bronzite (Brazil)

Buddstone ("African Jade") (South Africa)

Banded Calcite ("Lucky Stone") (France)

Blue Calcite (Madagascar)

Emerald Green Calcite (Mexico)

Flame Red Calcite (Brazil)

Glacier Blue Calcite (USA)

Golden Calcite (Mexico)

Green Calcite (Mexico)

Manganocalcite (Peru)

Orange Calcite (Mexico)

Orange Calcite (Mexico)

Red Calcite (Brazil)

Carnelian (Madagascar)

Rainbow Chalcedony (Mexico)

Charoite (Irkutsk)

Green Chert (USA)

Chiastolite (China)

Chinese Letter Rock (USA)

Chrysanthemum Stone (China)

Chrysocolla (Peru)

Chrysopale (Madagascar)

Chrysoprase (Australia)

Natural Citrine (Brazil)

Copper Firebrick (USA)

Copper Stone (USA)

Copper with Epidote (USA)

Fossilized Coral (Indonesia)

Cuprite-Malachite-Chrysocolla (Mexico)

Dalmatian Rock (Mexico)

Lapis Lace Dolomite (Turkey)

Pink Dolomite ("Kona Dolomite") (USA)

Yellow Dolomite (China)

Dumortierite (Mozambique/Usa)

Emerald (Brazil)

Emerald with Cyanite (India)

Epidote (USA)

Erlan (Czech Republic)

Eudialyte (Canada)

Eudialyte (Russia)

Rainbow Fluorite (China)

Purple Fluorite (China)

Dark Purple Fluorite (China)

Yellow Fluorite (with Green Bandings) (Argentina)

Yellow Fluorite (with Purple Bandings) (Argentina)

Fuchsite (Brazil)

Fuchsite (India)

Gabbro (South Africa)

Galaxite (Canada)

Graphic Granite (Madagascar)

Pink Graphic Granite (Madagascar)

Garnierite (Madagascar)

Grunerite (Golden Amphibolite) (Australia)

Heliotrope (India)

Hematite (Brazil)

Hexagonite (Tremolite) (USA)

Hypersthene (Canada)

Indian Paint Rock (USA)

Jadeite ("Maya Jade") (Guatemala)

Nephrite Jade (USA)

Nephrite Jade with Magnetite Crystals (Magnetic Jade) (USA)

Purple Jade (Turkey)

Apache Jasper (USA)

Blue Lace Jasper (Madagascar)

Golden Lace Jasper (China)

Golden Lace Jasper (India)

Ocean Jasper (Madagascar)

Picture Jasper ("Kalahari Jasper") (Namibia)

Polychromic Jasper (Madagascar)

Rainbow Jasper (Brazil)

Red Jasper (South Africa)

Snake Skin Jasper (Australia)

Jet (USA)

Labradorite (Madagascar)

Labradorite (Madagascar)

Lapis Nevada ("Water Lilly Stone") (USA)

Lapis-Lazuli (Afghanistan)

Lepidolite (Zimbabwe)

Lepidolite (Zimbabwe)

Limnoquartzite (Slovakia)

Llanoite (USA)

Lemon Magnesite ("Lemon Chrysoprase") (Australia)

Lemon-Avocado Magnesite (Australia)

White Magnesite ("Howlite") (Zimbabwe)

Magnetite (Lodestone) (Mexico)

Malachite (D. R. of Congo)

Landscape Marble ("Paesine") (Italy)

Mahogany Marble (USA)

Mountain Peak Marble (Turkey/Italy)

Picasso Marble (USA)

Pink Marble ("Norwegian Rose") (Norway)

Purple Marble (USA)

Rainbow Marble (USA)

Wedgewood Marble (USA)

Zebra Marble (USA)

Stylolitic Marble ("Porto Oro Marble") (Italy)

Mariposite (USA)

Mookaite (Australia)

Moonstone (India)

Black Moonstone (Madagascar)

Morganite (Brazil)

Muggle Stone (Australia)

Green Muscovite (USA)

Yellow Muscovite (Brazil)

Nunderite (Australia)

Nuummite (Greenland)

Black Obsidian (Mexico/USA)

Fire Obsidian (USA)

Gold Sheen Obsidian (Mexico)

Mahogany Obsidian (USA)

Brindled Mahogany Obsidian (USA)

Mouse Grey Obsidian (USA)

Peacock Obsidian (Mexico)

Rainbow Obsidian (Mexico)

Rainbow Obsidian (Mexico)

Silver Sheen Obsidian (USA)

Snowflake Obsidian (Mexico)

Velvet Obsidian (Mexico)

Banded Onyx (Mexico)

Banded Onyx (Pakistan)

Black Onyx (Brazil)

Opal in Matrix (Boulder Opal) (Australia)

Purple Opalite (Beryllium Opalite) (USA)

Red Ophiolite (Italy)

White Pectolite (Mexico)

Pink Petalite (Namibia)

Petrified Palm Wood (USA)

Pietersite (China)

Pietersite (China)

Pipe Stone (USA)

Prase (Australia/India)

Green Prehnite (Mali)

Yellow Prehnite (Australia)

Print Stone (Australia)

Pulsite (USA)

Purpurite (Brazil)

Blue Quartz (Brazil)

Girasole Quartz (Madagascar)

Golden Quartz (USA)

Green Quartz (India)

Lavender Quartz (Madagascar)

Red Quartz (Brazil)

Rock Crystal (Quartz Crystal) (Madagascar)

Rock Crystal (Quartz Crystal) with Fuchsite inclusions (Madagascar)

Rock Crystal (Quartz Crystal) with Fuchsite phantoms (Madagascar)

Rose Quartz (Madagascar)

Rose Quartz (South Africa)

Silky Quartz (Madagascar)

Strawberry Quartz (South Africa)

Rhodonite (China)

Green Rhyolite (Australia)

Leopard Skin Rhyolite ("Leopard Skin Jasper") (Mexico)

Red Banded Rhyolite ("Liesegang Jasper") (USA)

Spherulitic Rhyolite (China)

Rubellite in Lepidolite (USA)

Ruby (Tanzania)

Ruby in Zoisite (Tanzania)

Saussurite ("Pink Jade") (USA)

White Selenite (Morocco)

Septaria (USA/Madagascar)

Seraphinite (Clinochlore) (Siberia)

Serpentine (Australia)

Antigorite ("China Jade" - Serpentine) (China)

Chytha Serpentine (China)

Lime Green Serpentine (Australia)

"New Jade" (Serpentine) (China)

Verde Antique (Serpentine) (China)

Zebra Serpentine (China)

Shungite (Karelia)

Sodalite (Brazil)

Spectrolite (Finland)

Sphalerite (USA)

Spiderman Stone (USA)

Starburst (Mexico)

Starry Pyrite (USA)

Steatite with Dendrites (USA)

Stichtite (South Africa)

Stichtite in Serpentine (Tasmania)

Stromatolite (Bolivia/USA)

Sugilite (South Africa)

Blue Tectonite (USA)

Thomsonite (USA)

Thulite (Norway)

Tiger Iron (Australia)

Tiger's Eye (South Africa)

Blue Tiger's Eye (South Africa)

Heat-treated Red Tiger's Eye (South Africa)

Tinguaite (Russia)

Banded Travertine (with Orange Aragonite) (USA)

Striped Travertine (USA)

Unakite (South Africa)

Variscite in Matrix (USA)

Verdite (South Africa)

Whirlstone (Mexico)

Zinc Blende (Poland)

Zirkon ("Hyacinth") (Brazil)

Zoisite (Tanzania)